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    News — chalk paint

    Want the BEST Chock Paint? YES CHOCK Paint

    Would you like to see all the products that Miss Lillian's carries, she is literally a 1 stop shop and so many beautiful colors to choose from for your piece you want to refurbish. Like take it from drab to fab. Just click on the photo below to browse. 

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    If you have any questions please send me an private message from my biz page. Would love to hear from you. 



    Miss Lillian's NO WAX Chock Paint

    Little Bit of History with a lot of NO-WAX Color.

    Little Bit of History with a lot of NO-WAX Color.

    Little Bit of History with a lot of NO-WAX Color.
    Miss Lillian’s NO-WAX Chock Paint was started back in 2012 by Marilyn Mitchell Bean.  For several years Marilyn had been making her own paint for personal. Of course, you know what happens next. Friends, neighbors, and family all began wanting to use her paint.
    Marilyn with 40 something years of painting experience had a vision of creating a paint you never had to wax. From that vision and a shop owner at “You Never Know” wanting to purchase and retail Marilyn’s Paint, Miss Lillian’s NO-WAX Chock Paint became a reality.
    After many years in the faux finishing industry, I searched for the perfect product to teach the DIY’ers. Actually, I didn’t find Miss Lillian’s but my sweet friend Sue, the other Chatty Chick, found a shop in Florida that carried her product. Sue called me and said I might want to check it out, AND the rest is history.
     I have to say that above and beyond her fabulous product LINE which we call “ONE STOP SHOP” one of the strongest attributes is Marilyn’s commitment to her retailers and continuous development of new products.
    Miss Lillian’s NO-WAX Chock paint is a magical product created specifically to restore lost beauty to old furniture, create a vintage look and even transform that new furniture into the look YOU want. 
    The 140 plus colors, makes the most wonderful furniture Paint! It is delicately textured; Chock Full of Colorful Goodness!
    Marilyn's full line of products are, NO-WAX Chock Paint, Metallic Paint, Metallic Glazes Precious Gems, Hippy Daze Glaze, Gel Stains, Antiquing Glazes, Embellishing Butters, Wood Stains, Fresh Drawers, Gilding Jewels, Patina Kits, Texture Magic, several different Topcoat’s, Southern Rust, 
    and Cabinet Paint 
    The one product that everyone finds that they just can’t be without is Miss Lillian’s ‘Uncle Jeff’s Original Swamp Mud'
    Swamp Mud  is specifically designed for non-porous surfaces such as laminate, metal, glass etc.
    If you are looking to become a Miss Lillian's NO-WAX Chock Paint retailer, you won’t have to look any further. They are currently accepting New Retailer applications…just go to
    and fill out an application.
    You will be glad you did. 
    I know I am more than happy!