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     Our Decorative Art Rollers give you a creative tool to create pattern, design and are SO fabulous to work with. Discover the unlimited possibilities of pattern and texture that you can create with these Decorative Art Rollers. Each roller is made of high-quality rubber and measures 7" long by 2" diameter. Use a single roller pattern or combine several different patterns to create an infinite variety of surface treatments. You can roll through paint, glaze, textures, plasters and more. Create unique finishes that are fast, fun and easy

    Metallic Foils are fabulous to work with and a dream to apply when using the ArtsSyVille Embellishments Foil Adhesive. 

    Texture Medium is by ArtsSyVille Embellishments® and it is a love VOC tintable plaster that has a matte finish. Texture Medium was developed to use with Artistic Painting Studio's Decorative Art Rollers. You can create interesting textures and patterns on your furniture, walls, and cabinets. It is great for mixed media art as well. 

    Proceed Rough Irregular Texture helps you to create
    a coarse surface and can resemble cut stone block and stucco. Takes glazes well and makes an ideal painting ground for murals and ornamentation work.


    Artistic Painting Studio Products (APS) were created to enhance all of your painting experiences. Foils, texture mediums, glitter, mica beads and more.