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    Iridescent foils offer a beautiful pearlescent/opalescent look that evokes class and elegance. 

    Use the foil collections to enhance your furniture, cabinetry walls or mixed media art. 

    For the application, you apply foil adhesive, let it dry to a firm tack, approximately 45 min to 1 hour. You then apply your foil using either a soft rag or a scrub brush.  Be sure to lay the ugly side down and pretty side up. 

    What is awesome is the fact that you can leave it for a week or a month and the foil adhesive will never lose its tack. 

    Metallic Foils are thin layers of non-reactive metallic sheets that are fused into clear cellophane.

    To transfer these foils, you must first apply  Foil Adhesion. They can be transferred to surfaces of your choice with the adhesive or heat setting with an iron when working with clothes or fabric.

    Many of the foils I carry are Textile Friendly, meaning they work well with fabric.

    All foils in the “V-Mask” collection are not textile-friendly.

    For social media when you post your projects please use the hashtags #2chattychicks #foileverything #fabric #furniture or what ever project you are doing.

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