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    News — fellow artisian

    Inspiration is everywhere!

    Inspiration is everywhere!

    Inspiration is a word, thing, feeling that can really be expressed in so many ways because if we take the time it is all around us. 
    What about furniture? Yes, even furniture. 
    I see inspiration every day within the retailer's group of Miss Lillian's NO-WAX Chock Paint. Each and every one of them is so talented and hope to share a little bit about them in the days to come. 
    This post on Kelly's page caught my eye and loved what she shared. You can read it here.
    Willow Ridge Vintage
    Meet Kelly and her daughter Olivia of Willow Ridge Vintage located in the Arts & Antiques Marketplace in historic Fairmont, West Virginia. 
    Here is her story. 

    Our little business “Willow Ridge Vintage” was started as a mother/daughter collaboration in 2014. I am Kelly and my daughter is Olivia… We both love classic, timeless furniture!  We also love color, designing and creating.  So we combine the two to create a finish for each piece of furniture that compliments its originality and feel.  We tend to use period appropriate colors and classic finishes – not saying we don’t use pops of color at times, it just depends on the item.     I love a glazed finish, Olivia tends to use clean, classic finishes - she is also a whiz with milk paint to get that cute chippy finish!

    I work as a financial analyst full time – for 28+ years.  Around 2012, I was seriously burned out at work.  I needed a creative outlet...  Just so happens,  I was visiting a good friend and she had painted all the furniture in her family room – it looked amazing!  But her shoulder was hurting from all the waxing.   She explained the process of chalk painting and I was hooked on most of it – except the waxing.  I thought I can do this but after working all day, not sure that waxing is for me. 

    Lo and behold, I found Miss Lillian’s No-Wax Chock paint – WOW, a game changer for me!    A local stockiest of Miss Lillian’s guided me on the correct steps – so easy, even a financial person like me could do it.   My first Miss Lillian’s purchase:   32 oz. Mayan Turquoise – needless to say, I had lots of pieces (mirrors, end tables, candle holders, trunks) painted turquoise; the paint goes a long, long way!  haha   

    I couldn’t stop painting  - I learned so much about chalk paint and myself  … I learned that most painting oops are fixable but cheap furniture is not.   I learned that I needed “me time” more than I thought I did.  I learned that my spouse doesn’t have the same excitement for painting as I do.  I learned that that’s ok – I gave myself permission to do what I love.   He is adjusting!

    Fast forward 2 years…

    I now use and sell Miss Lillian’s products exclusively – WHY?   #1 reason – Customer Service!   Marilyn Bean is the owner of Miss Lillian’s.  She has been there for me when I had product questions, color choices or just needed an ear.   She is the heartbeat of Miss Lillian’s paint.    Miss Lillian’s brand has a strong sense of commitment to its stockists.     Many, many how-to videos are online (Miss Lillian’s Furniture University).   I view them daily!

    What is my inspiration?  That’s a very good question.  So many things – color, furniture lines, seeing the finished product, pleasing my customers, meeting new customers, sharing ideas.  

    My biggest influence?    My mother and my daughter. 

    My mom has always been and continues to be a powerful positive influence.  She has taught me that our attitude carries us through life – life is easier with a positive attitude.  She also smiles  ALL THE TIME – her inner light comes through that smile.  My daughter – she is just a joy.   She is creative, smart, just seems so aware of life around her and influences me to be the best I can be.


    Hope you stop by her Facebook page, give her a like, follow and say hello. 

    If you are in the area be sure and stop in to say hello or if you are in need of someone to give you a quality finish message her through her facebook page